Data Security Services

If you are a small business concerned for the security of your data and computer systems, it can be difficult to determine the best methods to protect your information (and that of your clients). The latest GDPR requirements place a lot of responsibility at the feet of those managing client or internal data, and whilst scaremongering is prevalent, it is important to have systems in place to ensure everything is safe - and encrypted.

As an individual within your organisation, you may also be concerned that you could become a target for those looking to use your information, or identity, to gain some form of advantage, be it financial or further access. For this reason, we also offer training to executives within organisations on how to maintain the security of data whilst they are travelling or even a home.

The small team at Comtec have spent twenty years securing IT systems for small businesses and individuals, as well as operating secure communications, both in the UK and abroad, whilst working with various media organisations, so we are experts in our field. With more business systems being breached, identities being stolen, and the penalties for losing data becoming increasingly severe, it has never been more important to secure your data.

There is no such thing as 100% security, but encryption is the best option to secure both your clients and your own information. With this in mind, we offer encrypted email, messaging and file storage services for businesses, and a full audit of your computers for individuals concerned their data may become a target.

Our services, as a Certified Cyber Essentials assessed agency, include:

  • encrypted email systems for staff to communicate and store emails safely in line with GDPR requirements

  • secure systems for messaging between staff

  • highly secure data storage systems to prevent unauthorised access to data