No ecommerce marketing performs as well as email.

No matter what you hear about Facebook advertising, or Google ads, nothing will be able to generate as much income for your business as email marketing.

Marketing to a list of existing or potential customers is incredibly profitable. Therefore, we always suggest building your own email list at the earliest opportunity. If you don’t have a method for potential customers to sign up to your list, we can help with that.

Once you have built your list, preparing emails on a regular basis can be challenging from both a time, and creative, point of view. So, we can help prepare a plan for your email marketing, manage your list, create your emails, and send them after your approval.

We do this for numerous businesses, and manage to generate hundreds of thousands of pounds for them annually. In any one year, we prepare and send nearly two million emails, all providing value to the recipient, and income to the client.

At Comtec, we are Klaviyo Partners, and also experts with Mailchimp.