Consulting Services

Success in Ecommerce requires a wide variety of skills, including marketing, stock control, financial record keeping and even the foresight to analyse the viability of an initial idea. At Comtec, we have worked through most scenarios that face ecommerce (and non-ecommerce) businesses, and are able to help with both small and large projects that may occur during startup or growth phases. For some of these projects, we can complete them for you, for others, we can guide you along the path.

With our experience taking ecommerce stores from zero sales to thousands of pounds of revenue every day, we have come across virtually every possible scenario, and have successfully implemented solutions to enable business growth in fields that range from marketing and store development, as well as regulatory and management areas, such as data security, accounting and stock control.

Our knowledge and advice isn’t just based on experience of launching and running numerous profitable ecommerce stores, but also on a sound business education. Every member of our team has a minimum of 15 years commercial experience and a business degree with either a first class or 2.1, so, whilst we prefer to talk in plain language, we also know our SWOT analysis from our break even point.

Our business consultancy isn’t for large business - we like to be viewed as advisors you can talk through problems with, and come to solutions for your small or medium business - much like a relationship you probably have with your accountant.

Some examples of projects we have recently managed include:

  • automatic welcome emails providing discounts to new newsletter subscribers, followed by a series of five weekly marketing emails

  • implementing Google Shopping feeds combined with a Google Ads shopping campaign to advertise products on Google

  • automatic printing of new orders to warehouse printers

  • a stock management system providing real time stock valuations, purchase orders and the use of barcode scanners to receive incoming stock

  • synchronising stock between various ecommerce stores in order to ‘share stock’

  • on site ‘chat’ system for customer service requests

  • customer wishlists in order for customers to share desired items from a store

  • encrypted email systems for staff to communicate and store emails safely in line with GDPR requirements

  • secure systems for messaging between staff, combined with highly secure data storage systems to prevent unauthorised access to data (we are certified by GCHQ/NCSC)